Saturday, August 24, 2019

To what extent is increased legal regulation of the privately rented Essay - 1

To what extent is increased legal regulation of the privately rented sector justified and desirable - Essay Example the lower end of the market, thereby making life more unbearable for the tenant community.4 In some of the sub-markets that are characterized by a high number of claimants, the impact of this is especially acute with the landlords being able to set rents at levels that are artificially high to match the Local Housing allowance.5 Furthermore, the security of tenure (of between six and twelve months) availed by private landlords is not sufficient for families as well as those who have been shut out of the owner-occupation and social housing and who have to make the private rented sector their only option. The private rented sector has gone through extraordinary revitalization over the last twenty years to become increasingly critical to housing market and the benefit system considerations.6 Currently, there are approximately over four million houses in England that are privately rented. They account for about eighteen percent of all the family units.7 The industry has also doubled in magnitude since 1989 while having more households presently compared to social housing while occupation by owners is on the decline.8 These figures demonstrate the deteriorating affordability of private rented housing that an increasing number of people are forced to use as a consequence of the drop in social housing along with challenges to house ownership.9 All the solutions to the present-day housing catastrophe have to entail a considerable upsurge in the erection of new houses along with the social industry, but this does not imply that no action can be taken to lessen the related issues. In the mea ntime, scarcity is a major defining aspect of the home markets. Furthermore, in London, it remains conceivable that supply will hardly ever match demand. The above perspective of the U.K.’s private rented sector outlines the great importance it plays in the lives of people, mainly those living in the urban centres. It is this assumed importance against the need to protect the

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