Monday, August 12, 2019

Saint Augustine's Conversion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Saint Augustine's Conversion - Essay Example Due to their experience which is being transformed into their written scientific treatises people know the fundamental laws of religion though it’s undoubtedly that every religious group has its main code of laws for example as there is the Bible in Christianity. For thousands years scientists, theologians and philosophers tried to reach the sense of our being and to research the nature and characteristics of its existence. The striking fact is that a lot of religious canons well-known in the Middle Ages and nowadays, were described by one person in about 397-398 year A.D., and his name is Saint Augustine. To begin with it is important to underline that in some sources Saint Augustine was initially mentioned under the name of Aurelius Augustine (comes from the Latin Aurelius Sanctus Augustinus). It can be explained by the fact that he was born in the provincial unsecured family, led a life of ordinary man, and he was given the name of Saint Augustine only after his divine conversion to Christianity. His mother was a follower of Christianity and the father was a supporter of the Roman religion of paganism. Despite his mother’s attempts to affect the religious beliefs of her son, he remained indifferent views for a long time. Augustine’s father sent him to Rome for a study of an affair related with people. After receiving the first education Augustine decided to become a teacher of rhetoric. This period of time he took a great interest in theater (this art was rejected by Christianity for the pretense that was seen in it), Aurelius Augustine liked to take part in dramatic competitions – according to his own words the more his oratorical talents were appreciated by people the more he had the desire to lie again and again. Also the peculiarity of this period of Augustine’s life was his inclination to fleshly pleasures. Nevertheless all this couldn’t prevent the orator to start living with a beloved woman though in illegitimate

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