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Effective Meeting Management in a Team Environment Essay

Effective Meeting Management in a Team Environment - Essay Example In the formal presentation to the team, as the manager, one would present the projected sales volume with corresponding pro-forma expenses that would generate a particular net income for the month. From the solicited feedback and figures of actual sales, the presentation would therefore cover projected versus actual financial status of the new product’s performance for the first three months. Audience Analysis Milestone 2. Audience Analysis The team members are assigned different target markets to represent nearly regions within the vicinity of the organization. They are therefore, geographically dispersed domestically. However, since some areas are specifically identified to be predominantly occupied by distinct racial and ethnic background, the approach of the team member should cater to cultural norms and preferences that would entice the target clients to purchase the new product. The team member identified to focus on customers with diverse cultural orientations must know other languages (particularly spoken by the potential customers) and other preferences that could influence the purchase decision. As such, team members require competencies and qualifications on cultural awareness and diversity consciousness to be more effective in determining customer demand and in evaluating the target markets, as required. Presentation Milestone 3. Informative Presentation (See Attached PowerPoint Presentation) Meeting Agenda Milestone 4. Create a meeting agenda The meeting agenda appears below: FOR : Team Members for the Newly Launched Product FROM : , Product Manager RE : Agenda for Performance Evaluation of Newly Launched Product DATE : July 15, 2012 The following is the agenda for the Performance Evaluation of Newly Launched Product meeting to be held on July 20, 2012 at 3:00 pm. Venue is in the Conference Room. 1. Meeting Presided by Product Manager and disclose purpose of the meeting 2. Presentation of Pro-Forma Financial Statements (projected sales and i ncome for the first three-months (April to June 2012) identified per respective area) 3. Team Members to Report on Actual Performance of Newly Launched Product a. Gregory Smith, Sales Representative to report on Aberdeen (District 13) b. Susan Rodgers, Sales Representative to report on Berkeley (District 9) c. Timothy Brown, Sales Representative to report on Cape May (District 1) d. Nicole Maine to report on Denville (District 25) e. Catherine Frost to report on Lakewood (District 30) 4. Report on Problems and Challenges identified New product did not conform to customers’ expectations Adverse reaction and response from competitors Lack of customer awareness on the new product Lack of supply on target areas 5. Suggestions to Address Weaknesses and Problems Intensify advertisements and promotional campaign Conduct customer satisfaction survey Improve logistics Improve product features Change strategies in the marketing mix 6. Planning of New Strategies Time frame for planning: Week after meeting Implementation: 2nd Week after meeting Monitoring of New Strategies: 4th to 6th months (July to Sept. 2012) Next Performance Evalu

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