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Business Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 5

Business Law - Essay Example 56). The second issue arises from Robert`s customer who claimed that Robert had neglected or had carelessly left a pin in the neck of the sheep skin coat that he had bought which resulted into Grant experiencing blood poisoning and thus was admitted in the hospital for a whole week interfering with his work for a month. Accordingly, the third case in this research involves wool traders and SnoDogs clothing. In this case, the two participants had an issue with the prices. For instance, SnoDogs Clothing claimed that wool traders had changed their prices on the delivery invoice about $360 more than the initial price shown at the time of the order. Relevant Legal Principles The case study has demonstrated some examples of legal principles and they encompass an intention to develop legal relations. This is usually so if the contract is a commercial one which will demand the court to take up this purpose. Like in this case, wool traders had the intention of establishing a legal relationshi p with Robert who was a retailer. Another principle involves consideration for the contract or contracts made by each party or the participants. This legal principles emphasizes that each partner should give or promise to offer something in return for the other`s responsibilities. For instance, in the case between the wool traders and its customers including Robert; wool traders made a contract with Robert to make for them sheepskin coats and hats, while Robert was to pay for their services and products offered. In the same way, SnoDogs clothing made an order from the wool traders for ski suits. In addition, consensus is another legal principle, which demonstrates that the participants must have arrived at definite contract (Ingeborg 2012, p. 90). This is frequently illustrated as offer and approval or acceptance. In this case, one party creates a proposal and the other consents it. For example, Wool Traders got an e-mailed order from SnoDogs Clothing for 36 ski suits. SnoDogsâ€⠄¢ terms and conditions (attached to their e-mail) evidently state that â€Å"orders produce a lawful offer to buy at the price itemized by buyer at date of reception.† Wool traders send a message showing the acceptance of the order, and transcribed approval of the same. Both had a fresh duplicate of Wool Traders` terms and settings, therefore, SnoDogs took delivery of the goods. Thus, this is a good illustration that shows the legal principle of consent or consensus. Questions of fact that will need to be decided by a court, on which liability and damages may depend Damages refer to the reimbursement for harm or destruction instigated by the breach. In case breach of agreements results into loss or harm, the bruised or the affected party has, the right to take legal action for harms or damages (Stone 2005, p. 56). In case the breach is serious enough to an extent it goes back to the base of the agreement, the affected party may consider the agreement as efficiently gone or r ejected by the other party and decline to be destined by it or reject to pay. In certain circumstances, the affected person may reject the bond and claim indemnities. Therefore, there are various questions of fact that will need to be decided by a court, on which liability and damages may depend. For instance, will the court consider Robert`s loss and grant him refund despite the fact that he was late to return the goods as stated from the wool trader`s terms and conditi

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