Saturday, August 10, 2019

Organ Trade Issue Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Organ Trade Issue - Research Paper Example Because of the unexpected accidents and diseases or other life tragedies, many people lose some of their organs and often fell in troubles. For example, eyes are important organs in our body. Even when either one of the eyes loses its ability to see, it is difficult for us to see things properly. The case of ears is also not different. The kidney is another organ which is necessary for filtering out impurities from our body. All the humans have two kidneys, but only one is necessary to perform all the purification acts of our body. It is possible for a person with a defective kidney to transplant one from another person in order to lead a successful life. In other words, some of the defective human organs can be replaced with a new one if somebody agrees to donate one. Organ trade is a common thing in the current world nowadays. Many people argue in favor of and against organ trade citing different social, economic and ethical reasons. This paper argues in favor of organ trade after analyzing the pros and cons of the issue. In other words, buying and selling in human organs should be legalized under certain conditions.   Chris Chew (2007) has mentioned that the most controversial topics of ethical debates about organ trades are about the procurement and distribution of human organs for transplant and are centered on the questions of how do we get the organs and how do we decide who will receive organ transplants? (Chew). It is a fact that the creator has created only the necessary organs for the humans. For example, even if a human can survive with the help of one kidney alone, God has created another one as a substitute in case of a failure to either of the kidneys. Under such circumstances, if a person donates or sells one kidney for saving the life of another one, he is playing with his life.

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