Monday, August 26, 2019

Hamlet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 9

Hamlet - Essay Example The thesis statement shall be: Hamlet is more of a philosopher prince than a young man seeking to revenge the death of his murdered father. At the beginning of the play, the ghost comes to Horatio who then calls others to him. Apparently, it is Hamlet’s father ghost. When the ghost reveals that Claudius is the one responsible for his murder, Hamlet is asked to seek revenge (Act 1, Scene 5 Line 7). Revenge is his idea of justice for the injustice done to his late father. Hamlet resolves to avenge his father’s death, but he is first withdrawn in a philosophical search of the meaning of death. One can say that by doing so, Hamlet is following the philosophical principle of reason and logic as the guiding principles for the justification of any action taken (Burnor and Raley 49). His deepest questions about death begin in the aftermath of his father’s death where he seeks to find out how the world of the dead may be like of what it means to be dead. Although he makes not so conclusive steps to find out practically the answers to such questions, one can observe his approach to his father’s revenge as philosophical. It may be taken that Hamlet does so to determine the extent to which the ghost’s claims may be reliable as the informing premises in which his actions would be based (Kane 475). While contemplating about the philosophy of death, Hamlet also delves into thoughts about whether one has the right to take his/her own life. In so doing, Hamlet may be seen to be trying to make comparisons to the nature of his father’s death. He silently engages in deductive reasoning that since it is morally illegitimate for one to take his own right, then it is morally wrong for another man to kill another man for no reason at all. His soliloquy can be seen to lead to a conclusion that his uncle Claudius did a heinous crime by killing his own brother for political

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