Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Review the Effectiveness of the UK Skills Strategy Essay

Review the Effectiveness of the UK Skills Strategy - Essay Example People will not be able to create a good society, if they can’t eliminate the void between the well-educated and uneducated people. Moreover, skills maintain the employment industry flexibility required to guarantee quickly-responding economic system in the modern altering conditions. The degree to which skills of the experts meet the requirements of the employers, and the effectiveness of the ways to eliminate the possible gap between supply and the requirements represent the measurement for this flexibility, defined in the EMU evaluation. While coming across modern challenges like enormous impacts of IT, impetuous globalization, firm demands for well-grounded social developments, international changes under the influence of knowledge-directed economy, and world-wide competitions in the 21st century, a great number of educational transformations and reforms were implemented all over the world. Thus, educationalist and policy-makers of many countries take into consideration how to modify education in general and make future generations ready for facing different kinds of challenges. In current rapidly changing time creativity, uninterrupted action learning, "perpetual" education, expansion, and manifold intellect development are often vigorously underlined in ongoing transformations generally in realm of learning in and considered as the major components for well-founded development of learners, and even of citizens in the scope of globalization, knowledge-directed economy, and IT. In the institutional context, knowled ge-driven management, organizational learning, and institutional intelligence in everyday activity are regarded as indispensable for permanent evolution and perfection of organizations. †¦a living organism, consisting of empowered, motivated employees, living in a clearly perceived symbiosis, sharing the feeling of a common destiny and profit, striving towards jointly defined goals, anxious to use every opportunity to learn

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