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Working in Orgnistions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Working in Orgnistions - Essay Example Bsing on the interviews tht I conducted previously nd literture tht I hve reserched, I evlute orgniztion nd suggest its design. Mny retil shopping centers hve tried nd filed to perform excellently outside their home mrkets. Likewise, some retilers hve led stry trying to develop Internet shopping. s result, TESCO, the United Kingdom's biggest grocer, hs drwn significint ttention becuse of its mbitious overses strtegy nd its successful on-line home delivery service. nother successful key fctor tht inputs to TESCO sustinble development nd growth is the mrketing communiction pln tht provides the detiled overview of the Compny's fiscl policies s for meeting the clients' needs nd providing competitive prices within wisely locted grocers ll over the world. TESCO understnds tht successful mrketing strtegy should be bsed on customers' need, tht is why the Mission Sttement declred for the Compny sounds s it follows: "One of our vlues is to understnd customers better thn nyone. We go to gret lengths to sk customers wht they think, listen to their views, nd then ct on them. We look both t wht customers sy nd wht they do . This feedbck guides the decisions we tle" ( Tesco is the lrgest food retiler in UK, operting round 2,318 stores worldwide. Tesco opertes round 1,878 stores throughout the UK, nd lso opertes stores in the rest of Europe nd si. is wholly-owned subsidiry offering complete online service, including nd The compny lso offers rnge of both online nd offline personl finnce services. Tesco is hedqurtered in Hertfordshire, UK. For the yer ended October 2005 Tesco PLC chieved revenues tht totlled 33,557 million, n increse of 18.7% ginst the previous yer's revenues tht were 28,280 million. s well s convenience produce, mny stores hve gs sttions. Section 2: Methodology Informtion for this explortory study ws gthered by conducting semistructured interviews with route slespersons hving knowledge of wholesle theft methodology. These individuls were selected on the bsis of their willingness to shre pertinent informtion with the uthors with whom they or their contcts hd estblished trusting, personl contcts. It is virtully impossible to get rndomly-selected strngers to discuss such sensitive informtion. fter the purpose nd scope of this study were fully explined to ll respondents, ech ws ssured of nonymity, nd no ttempt ws mde to gther informtion from the respondents other thn theft methodology. Section 3: Data Data for this study are mainly based on the face-to-face interview coducted recently with Tesco employees. The interviews were open-ended to ensure proper understnding of the often complicted theft methods. There were eight interviewees. Ech hd t lest two yers experience s route slesperson, nd ech greed to prticipte nonymously without compenstion. Each interviewees was given to complete the questionnaire (Appendix B), that covered various questions on organizational structure and design. Questions

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