Friday, October 18, 2019

Interactive Planning and Occupational Safety Research Paper

Interactive Planning and Occupational Safety - Research Paper Example Such can be said on COPPST Circuitry. It is a global organization with site-level units in ten US states, a site in Canada, another in Nigeria, and several in Europe and Asia. The most recent emergency that occurred at one of the US sites of COPS Circuitry should be considered as a learning opportunity, as well as a time to propose an interactive planned improvement to encompass mandated safety standards in the site. In planning for safety, Leeman (14) described four parts of this phase in the planning process the systems analysis, obstruction analysis, reference projections, and reference scenarios. The Occupational Health and Safety Hazard Administration (OSHA) provides an extensive standard and guideline for employers and managers that address the four said parts of the planning process. ... Â  mission (EOCC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Transportation (DOT), and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). At the state level are Department of Environmental Protection (Air, Water, Soil, Waste, Facility Response Plans, and Emergency Notification), Department of Health and Human Services (Radiation Control Program), State Office of the Fire Marshall (Occupancy and Life Safety Codes), Department of Economic and Community Development, Department of Labor (Workers Comp, Disability, etc.), Department of Public Safety, and the Department of Transportation. And at the local level are Code Compliance Division, Planning and Development Department, and the Water Resource Protection Department. Together with the employers, they play a crucial role in the provision of safety in the workplace. Interactive Planning These various levels and agencies of the government all contribute to the mass knowledge and information in t he formulation of interactive planning for the organizational operations. Various standards are required by these agencies to be met, with the continuing and safe operations of businesses as end-goal. These include safety of workers at the workplace and structural standards and procedures that ensure safety and environmental requirement compliance are met. However, additional considerations include the welfare and goals of the various stakeholders of COPS Circuitry. They are the employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, other local businesses, the local community, corporate OHS, other business units, and the overall corporation.

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