Friday, October 11, 2019

Improper and unethical behavior Essay

Analysis of How Improper & Unethical behavior can be avoided in the Workplace In any workplace there will always be rules and regulations regarding that need to be followed. These rules and regulations usually require employees to observe proper behavior, wear the proper attire, and act professionally, among others. However, more often than not, there will be times that an employee is distracted from his or her work and he or she eventually ends up doing things that are not-related to work or things are unethical. These improper and unethical behaviors may include arriving late for work, chatting with co-employees, boisterously laughing out loud, falling asleep while working, insubordination, accessing prohibited files, using company money, leaving the workplace without notifying the direct superior, and fighting with co-employees, among many others. These â€Å"sins† at work usually have a corresponding warning or penalty. While these behaviors are common in almost any workplace, there are a lot of ways to avoid them. First, a worker or an employee must always focus on his or her task. He or she should completely understand the reasons why he or she is working there and his or her goals. Secondly, a worker or employee should provide himself or herself with reasons not to be distracted from his or her work. In other words, he or she should keep himself or herself busy so that he or she does not end up doing other things that could result in his or her inefficiency in work. Moreover, the worker or employee should not be the one to initiate any non-work related activity and instead be the one to prevent such things from happening. While doing so may earn the ire of other workers who do not always adhere to the rules and regulations, this will prevent him or her from being reprimanded or penalized. In this connection, a worker or employee should have the initiative of setting a good example to other employees. Since most companies usually hand out rewards or give recognitions to the best employees in a month, a worker or employee who behaves properly and works efficiently has a good chance of receiving this award and, in effect, he or she would motivate his or her co-employees to follow his example. In addition, a worker or employee should always see to it that he or she â€Å"keeps his or her eyes on the prize. † Meaning to say, while at work, an employee or worker should focus on the rewards he or she would receive if he or she maintains a good track record while also keeping in mind the consequences if he or she fails to accomplish his or her tasks. In short, this means that he or she should use the possible rewards as a form of motivation for him or her to work harder and use the possible punishments also as a way for him or her to avoid committing mistakes such as displaying unethical and improper behavior. Furthermore, the worker or employee should also know his or her place at work and respect the proper authorities and co-employees so that he or she would also earn their respect. Giving proper respect includes greeting co-employees properly, especially during the first time you see them in the morning, as well as calling them by their proper names, and also, obeying orders from a superior. Basically, the bottom line is that for any worker or employee to avoid improper or unethical behavior, he or she should completely focus on his or her task to avoid being distracted, religiously follow the rules and regulations in the workplace, and motivate or inspire himself or herself to achieve his or her personal goals.

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