Friday, October 18, 2019

Integration of Albania to EU; opportunities and challenges Essay - 1

Integration of Albania to EU; opportunities and challenges - Essay Example Albania integration will be instrumental to the country in that this will act as an opportunity for the country to grow and perform well economically (Thiel 2004). Previous countries that integrated to the EU demonstrate transformation of the economic and political systems of these countries. However, it has been argued that the immediate integration benefits do not matter, what matters is the European journey that is considered indispensable. One of the apparent gains of countries that join the EU is sustainable democratic system. With the help of EU, Albania stands a chance to improve its political system. One of the objectives of the EU is ensuring that its member states have transparent and democratic political institutions. The increase in the political space in countries like Albania fosters economic development (Thiel 2004). Cooperation between member states of the EU enables states to assist one another in case one state is in trouble. This includes instances of war and economic crisis. Additionally, the general overview of the way of life of the people of Albania stands a chance of improving since most institutions are required to run efficiently with little or no corruption according to the EU stipulations. Human rights have always been one of the major focal points of the EU (Bideleux, et al. 2002). Albania integration translates to improved human rights in the country. Other related points of articulations by the EU include the rule of law, equality, freedom and human dignity. This objective was effected in 2009 signing of the treaty of Lisbon. Studies have documented that countries that have little instances of human rights violation tend to record high development indicators than those that have many instances of human rights violations. Since the EU would not tolerate such cases, Albania will have to cooperate with such requirements thus giving it a

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