Sunday, October 20, 2019

Comme Is a Star of French Idiomatic Expressions

Comme Is a Star of French Idiomatic Expressions The French word  comme means like, as or since and is used in a large number of idiomatic expressions. Learn how to say soaking wet, knee-high to a grasshopper, so-so and more with this list of French expressions that use  comme. Other cultures have found French expressions useful and have assimilated them into their languages. Comme ci, comme à §a, for instance,  is used in English and several other languages to mean so-so, fair, or just okay. The word  comme, one of the most common and versatile in French,  can be a conjunction, adverb, or part of an adverbial phrase.  Like the French  conjunctions parce que, car and  puisque, comme  is commonly used to draw conclusions or otherwise relate a cause or explanation with a result or conclusion. For example,  Comme je lis le plus vite, jai dà ©j fini  means  Since I read the fastest, Ive already finished. Common French Expressions Using Comme arriver comme un cheveu sur la soupeto be completely irrelevant chanter comme une casseroleto be a lousy singercomme cela/à §a(just) like that; that way; (informal) great, terrificcomme ci, comme à §aso-so;  faircomme dhabitudeas usualcomme il fautproperly;  respectablycomme il vous plairaas you wishcomme les autresordinary; everydaycomme on ditas they say; how its saidcomme par hasardcoincidentally; as if by chancecomme qui dirait(informal) as you might say; what you might think is/wascomme quoito the effect that; which goes to show thatcomme sias if; as though(adjectif) comme toutso (adjective); as (adjective) as can be comme tout le mondenormally; like everyone elsehaut comme trois pommesknee-high to a grasshopperjuste commejust / right asparler le franà §ais comme une vache espagnoleto speak French very badlytrempà © comme une soupeto be soaking wet

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