Saturday, July 27, 2019

Interview Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Interview Paper - Essay Example Knowing about his theories, an expectant mother has some educated knowledge about how she should deal with her child if there are certain practices that she wants to develop or otherwise, in the child. Other concepts on human development such as Piaget’s physical growth and development as well as Lev Vygotsky’s â€Å"Zone of Proximal Development† will be put in juxtaposition with the experiences and observations of a caregiver. Mercedes Montes is a caregiver to three year old Alfred. She has been looking after the child every weekday for more than nine months now. The caregiver says that she loves her job because she enjoys being with the child. She considers the joys and thrills she feels being a part of the growing process of Alfred the best part of her job. Even though she is not related with the child, she thinks she is a big part of whatever the child will become in the future. She does not only act as a caregiver to the child but as a teacher as well. She says her employer is making sure that the child gets the instructions she is not able to provide while she is away from her child, working at a bank that is why she hired Montes who recently graduated her BS in Education. The job does not only provide financial support for the woman but experience also which she says is valuable. Montes says that together with the joys and enjoyment she gets from her job, there are also difficulties. For instance, when the child gets sick, she seems to become the culprit for reasons such as forsaking the child’s needs. She says that it is emotionally cracking to think that she has done everything to do her responsibilities well but in the end, when something bad happens to the child, she becomes the first to be blamed. In addition, when the child is well and healthy, she says that she often ends her day very tired because the child is very active. Alfred seems to have all the energy to run around and climb and as a caregiver, she

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