Thursday, July 18, 2019

How does Arthur miller show Abigails character in The Crucible Essay

passim act one Abigail is the only pillowcase that is omnipresent. At first she waits to be an needy child up to now it soon changes. As the play goes on we learn that Abigail is artful and cunning to get her own way.In addition she does this to persuade her uncle that she is innocent, and she has nothing to do with Betty or witch craft. Therefore the interview be confused and dont know how to respond to her.Abigail behaves oppositely with different reference works, with bum Proctor she is more scatter and every emotional likewise he is her weakness he makes her feel love but not the way Abigail thinks or wants. You loved me buns observe and whatsoever hell it is, you love me so far.The vocalises Love, sin are oxymorons as salutary it shows that Abigail is bewildered, utterly puzzled and her emotions are taking over her.However with Betty she is powerful, unvoiced and contently controlling. She is exceedingly manipulative to get her own way. On the other hand sh e clearly unwrap her desperation to be with crapper proctor and shows how she can face vulnerability. This shows she can develop her true self and does not seem as strong and powerful by this the audience realise that she is not the trail power as it seems to the other lady friends, however she has a different side to her. Furthermore, this amends the opinion of the audience in the by and by play as she accuses people including John proctors wife, Elizabeth Proctor.Arthur miller uses short sentences to show Abigails innocence. Short sentences in the crucible are dramatic. This point of reference has dramatic affects Im a good girl Im a proper girl. This quotation as well has a repeat of the word girl which also shows Abigails innocence.Abigail is presented as a very manipulative character. Smacks her across the face. This quotation sows Abigails extreme violence.Arthur miller also shows Abigail as a deferential girl. I will uncle Lastly she is shown as a strong powerful youn g women I saw Indians smash my dear parents heads on the pillow next to mineThe word I saw represents that shes not afraid however she could be fictionalization because no one could be that strong to watch their parents be killed. However do not eternally believe this mastery as she is already lying in the play near the previous night. only she uses these statements to scare the other girls.Arthur miller relates to his subjects and ideas about America through Abigail in a few different ways.Firstly by the themes like religion You loved me John proctor, and whatever sin it is you love me yet. The word she has repeated love shows that she is beseeching and asking in desperation for John proctors company. This shows the audience that she may need him as she is lonely.However its not just Abigail that he shows his message through. Its also Hale who stands for Senator McCarthy.In conclusion Arthur miller shows Abigails character as a desperate and emotional. She is also a manipulat ive person.

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