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How to Create an Effective Technology Support Team

How to Create and Effective Technology Support Team May 10, 2010 University of Phoenix People in every workplace speak of building the team, working as a team, and my team, but few understand how to create the experience of teamwork or how to develop an effective team (Heathfield, n. d. ). Technology has become a critical need for any business to profit in a positive way. This research paper will explain a few key elements that are a requirement to have an effective technology support team. An explanation of how personalities can affect relationships within and beyond the technical staff. Belonging to a team, in the broadest sense, is a result of feeling part of something larger than yourself (Heathfield, n. d. ). Organization Structure Organization structure is very important in a team environment because it will help define and understand the team and team members of the organization. Appointing a team leader for the team is a powerful asset and will tend to keep everything in order within the organization. It is best to form the team with different abilities because it will create a more complete understanding of the requirements. The appointed team leader should provide some type of statement to the team members advising the team members of the goal and expectations of the team. It is very important to become acquainted with the team members so the motivation will be there to strive for the best. After the information is given questions are address then the leader will appoint all team members with their roles and responsibilities. This will avoid any overlap or extra responsibilities among whose job is to do what. Team Operation When a team is put together, it is extremely valuable to bring the team ogether in a project area. The proximity of the team members will provide a number of benefits. Interpersonal relationships will develop at a steady pace leading to more effective and timely communication of information. The team must remember that the team leader is not the manager of the team; however is consider a coach or facilitator. This is very important to remember so the team can operate together efficie ntly. Planning is another important part of the team operation because it will keep everything running smooth and on time. Planning helps the team understand the project objectives, customer requirements, goals, cost, and schedule. Communication Communication plays a major part in possessing an effective technology support team. The team represents the company and all the customers know of. It is extremely important for all team members to listen effectively to ensure the understanding of the customer needs. If the communication is not open and understood the team could fall apart. It is often impossible to fix a misunderstanding in which technology is concerned (Techsoup for libraries, 2009). If the team leader have not identified and communicate the needs clearly at the beginning of a technology project, there may be little or no room for changes later on (Techsoup for libraries, 2009). It can affect the entire company, employees, and customers. Software has so many dependencies that a small change may cause a number of consequences. It is much better to catch a minor issue at the beginning instead of at the end of the problem. Misunderstanding any communication within the technical realm can lead to a waste of time and effort. It is important to listen actively to ensure the clarity of the client to avoid troubleshooting a problem that is the wrong problem. This type of miscommunication will affect the end user and will cause a longer time frame for resolution. To ensure the communication is efficient the technical member will need to remember three important factors. First, ensure that they are aware of whom they are speaking with. They will need to distinguish if they are speaking with a client who is knowledgeable on a technical level or not knowledgeable on the technical level to determine how he or she will need to speak to the client. Second, the technical team member will need to know how familiar the client is with the technology library. By understanding what level the client is on concerning the knowledge the team member will be able to adjust the attitude and language given. Last, all the members of the team need to stay refresh with the basics of interacting with fellow team members, supervisors, and clients. Personalities Another element in building an effective technology support team is the consideration of the individual personalities of the team members (Kearns, 2009). This portion is basically on the team leader position because the team leader will need to know how the other team members will affect each other to avoid any personality conflicts. The team leader has to remember three questions to ask him or herself about the team members to ensure the entire team is on the same level. First, the team leader will need to know do each individual work well in a team environment. Second, will need to ensure all members can handle peer criticism constructively. Last, needs to make sure the team members’ goals and efforts are in line with the team and not for themselves. If none of the three questions are thought of, it can cause a high turnover rate and will cause difficulties with training. Technology is a must have in the 21st century now and possessing an effective support team is vital. Building a good team is the best thing a team leader can do to achieve a successful project. With the right attitude, a team will overcome almost any difficulty to succeed in its goals. In most projects there will be instances when only the determination of the team can overcome the difficulties and continue to strive for success (Lycos, 2010). Trainings will help assist with continuing the strong teamwork with the team and to have knowledge of any new technology release. Teamwork is the key to having a successful project and will continue to increase the business in a positive way. References Heathfield, Susan. (n. d. ). Twelve Tips for Team Building: How to Build Successful Work Team. Retrieved on May 11, 2010, from http://humanresources. about. om/od/involvementteams/a/twelve_tip_team_2. htm Kearns, William. (2009). Building a Technology Support Team. Retrieved on May 11, 2010, from http://www. articlesbase. com/technology-articles/building-a-technology-support-team-1594409. html Lycos Retriever. (2010). Team Building: People. 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