Sunday, July 28, 2019


BUSINESS MODELS, CUSTOMER & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCES - Assignment Example This shows that the fee is reasonable and that is the reason as to why many people were able to afford this treatment. The cost compete with that of laser treatment, and therefore, the company has made it possible to secure more patients using the LED instead of them going for laser treatment at almost the same cost. The annual quantity of the LED cannot be estimated unless the service providers give information on the quantity that they use on each treatment. In ensuring the marketing of the product, the company may be in a position to make donations to the charity organizations, which in turn may promote the product, making it possible for people to seek more treatment from the company. Another way in which the product can be promoted is by ensuring that the company creates a clear relationship with the clients, and this can be done through social networks and websites. The clients may in turn promote the product and bring in more people to seek the same treatment (Michalowicz, 2009). The Company’s approach to the manufacture of the product should be through the government and the research institutions which have proved that the product is safe and can be used for treatment. The company should also ensure that it designs the system which is required in the production of LED. As the CEO of the company, I would work together with the service providers to ensure that the product is well used in order to satisfy the customers, and also make sure that the costs are favorable and competitive with other companies such as those which offer laser treatment. The main business idea is that of coming up with a computer which can only be established through a team of people, and which can be sold at a relatively high cost for the benefit of the company. In order to come up with the evolution of the computer, it means that Andy wants to be a

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