Thursday, July 25, 2019

Application of ERP within a particular sector or type of organisation Essay

Application of ERP within a particular sector or type of organisation - Essay Example It goes a long into maintaining the businesses production and competitive edge while most businesses are struggling to produce. In this paper, various case studies on the applications of ERP will be discussed. It is proposed that more should be considered in the implementation process; careful transition management, bureaucracy, network organization and most importantly culture readiness. Management should prepare the employees so that the transition is smooth and successful. Data collected was secondary. Lessons on how ERP helped curb organizational problems is discussed and explained in depth. Recommendations and possible solutions are provided too (Al-Mudimigh 2001). ERP systems usually organize a company’s resource accordingly in order to render them profitable, efficient and productive. This study focuses on the stages that should be applied in instilling the appropriate strategies in most organizations for the purpose of implementing Enterprise Resource Planning. In organizations where this strategy is embraced, enormous and distinguished performance is perceived. If this is the case, it denotes that inevitable and dramatic failures have being too vivid due to the strongholds resistances for the change. It is a common issue when making any implementation of the operation of a company or any organization, resistance happens to be a barrier from the working mate amongst other barriers. These impediments may at-most end up sabotaging the change that was intended and counteract innovation and creativity. Employee’s environment plays a critical role in gauging the level of productivity for any firm it being profit oriented or non-pro fit oriented. This study cultivates on the challenges encountered with implementation of ERP and the prospective approaches for dealing with them (Strauss 2000). Service companies as well are in demand of the use of ERP services in their day to day operations (Davenport

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