Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Rights of Women and the Rights of Humans Essay

The Rights of Women and the Rights of Humans - Essay ExampleAccording to the study the rights of women are violated through domestic violence such as battering meted at them, sexual discrimination, workplace discrimination on the basis of their genders, decision making in the political processes and umpteen other areas. There are also cultural practices which discriminate unfairly against such as genital mutilation, poor nutrition and denial of education for the lady friend child in some communities. All these are atrocities directly faced by women on a daily basis but the dilemma twain historically and conceptually is how to separate them from human rights. It becomes difficult because women just like men are humans and the question of human rights is invoked there is no specialisation between women and women. This essay highlights that it is very important for every person to realize that there is a difference between gender equality and human rights. In my opinion historical i njustices that continue to be committed against women such as rape and denial of the right to education not only amount to rapine of their rights as women but as humans. Many nations around the world have made deliberate efforts in terms of policy to educate their citizenry on the importance of treating women as equals with their male counterparts and abandon negative cultural practices such genital mutilation which negatively affect the lives of women. But the practices continue to happen on a daily basis, rape continues to happen, mutilation and denial of quality education continues in some communities.

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