Friday, June 21, 2019

Examine how commitment to lifelong learning and reflective practice Essay

Examine how commitment to lifelong learning and reflective dress contributes to the role of being a health profession - Essay ExampleThis academic paper provided guidelines for health professionals to explain, document, research and promote their professions. To complete the work out of proving effectiveness, it is internal that health professionals undergo lifelong learning and reflective practice (Gross 2001).This academic paper get out describe the concepts of lifelong learning and reflective practice, then it will discusses why both of them are necessary in this changing society. Followed by explaining commitment is important in lifelong learning and reflective practice to health professional area.Lifelong learning has been advocated by government agencies both local and international as well as private professional institutions because of its increasing richness with ensuring that health professionals are keeping up with the changing times. There are existing federal and international laws being applied to regulate professions and to serve as their early defence towards the increasing needs of the people in the society (Knowles et. al 2003).The efficacy of different health professions has not been fully explored. Some of these professions are relatively young professions and, therefore, needs all members of the field to contribute to its development (Riechmann 2000).Healthcare professionals should engage in continuing professional development (CPD) throughout their careers. This shadow be achieved through both formal activity, such as course attendance, and informal activity, such as reflective practice. However, about the latter, many healthcare practitioners wealthy person anxieties about when they might operate this activity and how they might undertake it (Kinsella 2001).While there are many methods of CPD, the government focuses on outcome and defines it as ...a process of lifelong learning for all individuals and teams which meets the needs of patients and delivers the health outcomes. (Jourgin 2002).Lifelong learning is

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