Sunday, June 9, 2019

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I attaced all information below.(file) - Essay ExampleAs much(prenominal), this article discusses community from the perspective of a nation-state. The second article evaluates the vox populi of power and its influence on individuals as they move up the organizational ladder. The article contradicts the suggestions of the 16th century philosopher, Machiavelli, who suggested that a leader should prefer dominance and caution to love in the course of attaining eminence. The third article suggests that property rights in America have diminished peoples freedom. Using the arguments of Rousseau over issues such as property rights and individuality, the articles author highlights the fact that these rights have enhanced peoples greed thereby diminishing the good for the orderliness (i.e., a nation-state).Aristotle was a firm believer in democracy and maintained that a nation was supposed to based on a constitution that catered to the aspirations of the ticker classes. In his philosophi cal work titled Politics, Aristotle says the following about democracy (Aristotle, 1977)Thus, social justice according to Aristotle was applicable to all peoples who were unqualifiedly equal. The affected role Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which was passed in 2010, is an attempt in this direction by the Obama administration at delivering healthcare to poor and middle-class Americans (especially those without commensurate medical insurance) and ensuring that more funds are allocated towards providing universal healthcare.Jonah Lehrer compares the recent events in Hewlett Packard with regards to the downfall of its CEO (Chief Executive Officer) against the principles suggested by Machiavelli on leadership and observes that his teachings do not find any place in the modern context. In todays organizational structures where a single person no semipermanent holds absolute power, the author found that

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