Monday, June 24, 2019

Executive Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Executive Summary - Essay ExampleThe whole Kaiser establishment has an uncut of 160,000 staff, about 35 branches and close to 14,600 doctors. The infirmary however, experiences problems while handling records for inpatients and outpatients, supply records for hospital equipment and schedules for programs in the hospital (Yoder, 2014).This proposal therefore seeks to ask for funding that impart be used to buy equipment that will help store all records in the hospital (Computing and Intelligent Systems, 2011). The services at the hospital will be delivered in a quicker way, and will possibly be cheaper since the workload will reduce. The finances that will be utilized to make available the hospital equipment will require close to fifty million dollars.The research conducted on the Kaiser Permanente centre used online interrogates to cache information. Previous records from the hospital were also used to collect patients attendance in the past years (Yoder, 2014).The interviews took one workweek to conduct. The same number of males and females was used. We targeted patients that accessed services from the hospital online, and did one personal interview with a frequent patient at Kaiser Permanente. Accessing hospital records took two days. On the first day, we had to ask for permission from the hospital authorities an on the second week after appealing to access the records we were granted access to them (Computing and Intelligent Systems, 2011).Kaiser Permanente, is a hospital that has hospitalized several patients, probably in tens of millions in the inpatient wards (Yoder, 2014). The hospital is non badly off in the hospital equipment, but is short of computing systems that will enhance the record keeping processes. Its Intensive Unit Care subdivision is also short of around two life- supporting machines. The failure of this crucial equipment has led to the loss of lives, and the saddest part is that the losses are

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