Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Critical Analysis of the Trends in Vehicle Miles Traveled Term Paper

Critical Analysis of the Trends in Vehicle Miles Traveled - Term root word ExampleThe discussion provided for the impact of the outlined factors is one-sided. close to of factors such as decentralization of companies can have either effect. Travel requirements decreases as a mortal ages due to the decrease in the activity level and decrease in work related turns. Contrary to the earlier arguments, the aging factor does not extend or reduce the VMT. This is because the decreased levels caused by the aging population are countered by the increasing travel levels caused by the maturing young adults. However, the improved health, wealth and higher(prenominal) licensing rates for the elder women have curtailed the reduction in the rates of mobility for the older generation. The argument on the aging factor overlooked the impact of the economic outgrowth on the VMT. This reduces the rate of VMT. Changes in the nature of work will reduce VMT because most of the employment agencies and individuals are applying the use of computer technology to enhance production. Most of the workers can work from home and avoid travelling to their work places. Most institutions of higher learning are also leaning towards introducing online lessons. This will reduce the travel requirements for most students. Decentralization of companies to rural areas can also contribute into the reduction in the VMT because companies may be located near the workforce thus, negating the travel necessity. correct goods will be brought near retailers and consumers negating the necessity of travelling over long distance to acquire them.

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