Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Word history Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Word history - Assignment Example This paper discusses fashion changes during the World War Two. In 1940, the general style that women adopted looked like U.S military uniforms in a big way. The color and the cut of the clothes they wore on the home front always resembled what soldiers wore while fighting in the Pacific and European theaters. The blouses and jackets they wore were more masculine and militarized with shoulder pads. The hats similarly resembled U.S Army berets (Wolfe web). During war time, women took up more labor-intensive works like flying military aircraft, working in shipyards, and driving truck. These works highly influenced how they wore as safety and practicality would take over their glamour and femininity. The popularity of â€Å"Rosie the Riveter† meant that headscarf and slacks would become more stylish. The working class women dressed in silk pants for khaki jackets and blue jeans and high-heeled shoes. They also wore wraparound dresses with less adornments and their hair was pinned back to avoid it from getting caught by machineries (Monet web). With time, women’s clothing had to go with the rationing of certain materials used for military purposes. Silk and wool were in high demand for parachutes and uniforms, therefore, most civilians had to wear clothes made from rayon instead. To ensure that fabric was conserved, the manufacturers and dress makers started designing slimmer silhouettes and shorter skirts. Nylon would be available for civilian use only. Stockings disappeared shortly and women went barelegged. Within a period of four years, many women had joined workforce (Monet web). They demonstrated a lot of good skills, determination and patriotism and this undeniably impacted the fashion world. The people of Chavin first established the dominant civilization from 900 BCE and 200 BCE while Olmec’s people established the civilization in the centuries before 1200 BCE and declined around 400

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