Monday, September 23, 2019

Health Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Health Assessment - Essay Example I then continue to shower, and then enjoy a sumptuous breakfast. I take three slices of bread, an egg, and a small portion of greens with tea for three days in a week. I eat two sausages, cake with tea for two days, and feed on porridge for the other two days. I rarely snack before, or after lunch and dinner. However, I consume a lot of water before the day ends. I love eating chips, and chicken. More to this, I also enjoy rice with plenty of greens, as well as beans. I rarely take red meat, but ensure that I feed on pork every Sunday. More to this, I eat fruits on rare occasions. Given the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, I ought to minimize the time that I spend indoors. Watching the television for long hours affects my life negatively, by reducing it by twenty-two minutes for every hour watched (Jaminet and Jaminet, 375). I should develop an active social life. I should engage myself with my friends during the weekends. We can go swimming together, or even visit the movies. Such activities can help me deal with the stress at home, as I get to concentrate on productive activities, instead of focusing on the problems between my parents. Fruits increase body immunity. Consequently, I ought to ensure daily intake of fruits as this improves health potentials. I will also diversify the varieties of fruits to ensure that I gain multiple nutrients and vitamins, for a healthier life. Following the intake of large portions of food in one serving, I purpose to stop the habit as I have learnt from this course that it is an unhealthy habit. Consequently, I plan on take smaller portions of food, at regular intervals, instead of waiting for long hours to feast on plenty of food. The combination of chips and chicken on a regular basis does not lead to a healthy life, due to the concentration of fats and calories in the food. Therefore, I am opting for healthier foods to boost my health. Conclusively, being healthy promotes one’s self esteem. It

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