Saturday, September 28, 2019

The power of pull Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

The power of pull - Essay Example to goods and services that is different from yester years, indeed the 21st century organization is sitting on â€Å"melting iceberg†, oblivious of the urgency needed to make changes to the new business model that would ensure their survival. Hagel, Brown, and Davison (2010) have analyzed the paradigm shift that has been occurring in the world of business over the past decades, especially the past two decades. Indeed, the current business environment is characterized with endless stream of knowledge, interconnected workforce, blurred borders with increased global movement of knowledge, talent and capital, and a shift in power balance, where the power has moved from corporations to the consumers, and employees have also have power without necessarily being in trade unions. All these changes have mainly been due to changes in technology and liberalization of the business world. Organizations are increasing finding newer ways to attract, retain and develop talent, even as employees’ priorities and motivations change with changes in generations. It is only in this new business environment that you find employees working as a virtual team or a big percentage of an organizations employees working from home. It is in thi s business environment that sales made online for a given business may by far exceed offline sales. However, despite these quite clearly notable changes, most organizations, especially those that have existed for a long time, are still focused on doing things the way they have always done. They still hold on to the old culture oblivious of the changing business landscape. Like the penguins in Kotter and Rathgeber (2005) work, the organizations are complacent in the way things have always been done, and are unaware that their iceberg is melting. Newer emerging 21st century organizations are coming up and taking advantage of the shift and surpassing older established organizations in business performance. Such include the Amazon which in only a few years

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