Friday, November 1, 2019

What is development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

What is development - Essay Example This is possible by empowering people through proper education, quality healthcare and training. Satisfaction of basic needs of the people is realized when people can access quality and adequate food, water, housing, clothing, justice and peace. Efficient infrastructure in education, agriculture, commerce, health, defense and transport sectors exhibit improving development. Other indicators of development are higher per capita income, political stability, quality healthcare, availability of clean, safe and adequate water as well as food. Progressive countries and societies aspire to achieve higher development status. Peet et al (2009 p.1) claimed that development is a conscious act and process of improving the life of everyone. Therefore, development covers all aspects in life that makes lives better. For example, development involves having healthy and sufficient food; safety in dwelling place; affordable goods and services; availability of employment opportunities; efficient and adequate utilities (Medicare, education, energy and transport) and being accorded respect and dignity as human being. Various actors pursue development in different spatial setting. For example, governments pursue development nationally while individuals pursue development around their environment such as the homes, villages or urban dwelling. Development is more concerned with the conditions and environment under which goods and services are produced and distributed as compared to economic growth. Economic activities and wealth generation processes give rise to economic environment. Development is also biased to socia l consequences of production and distribution of goods and services. Economic growth alone is not necessarily development especially when few powerful individuals control the growth process. This is because economic growth can concentrate wealth on the hands of the few and leave

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