Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sadown Analysis Paper Draft 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sadown Analysis Paper Draft 1 - Essay Example Not because a black cat passes by it means that bad luck is coming to that person. Signs should only be a guide on how we would live and not the basis why we are living. This is the sad part because it is very common that signs are limiting the decision making of people and influencing how they are living. Examples are fortune tellers for example the palm readers who influences people by reading palms and the lines in a person’s hand to tell their loyal customers the future and their fortunes and misfortunes. This is the big misconception about signs (73). Schnackenberg wrote in her poem the simplest signs that people misunderstand. There are no unlucky things in this world. A person should be knowledgeable enough to either have a free will and know what should and should not be done or be deceived by worldly beliefs. When the author wrote of the signs it did not mean that each sign should be observed by all or would hold the same meaning for everyone. There are things in the environment that has been observed to be true throughout the years. The author gave an example on the second stanza of the poem. These things are uncontrollable and are nature’s own way of living. This does not make any difference in a person’s luck or life. Though the course of nature affects humans one way or another, it is not the reason for humanity’s triumph or destruction. These natures’ occurrence can help mankind in telling the weather, season and time. It is helpful in some aspects of man’s daily life but not to control man’s free will and decision making (73). Beliefs in superstitious signs are fast growing amidst the vast growth of the influence of Science and Technology in the youth. As an author, Schnackenberg knows about the growth of followers at the end of the last stanza. Quite peculiar is that there are so many things that Science can explain and justify yet mass of people from different walks of life are still believing in superstition. Not

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